HDRF’s GENERATE 2.0 Scheme

The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) has launched its new Graduates Enhancement Programme for Employability 2.0 (“GENERATE 2.0”). Generate 2.0 Scheme, aimed at supporting the national human capital agenda towards the creation of a-35 per cent skilled Malaysian workforce which will enable the country to become a high-income economy.


The objectives of the GENERATE 2.0 scheme are to equip, develop and assist unemployed graduates with:

  • Relevant skill set and knowledge as required by the industries;
  • Explore new route for trainee career market;
  • Relevant working experience that can enhance their employability; and
  • Job placement

Target Group

  • PSMB Registered Employers
  • Trainees

–Malaysian graduates whom have successfully acquired their Diploma, Degree; and
–Remained unemployed for at least 3 months and above after completion of studies; or
–Newly recruited graduates in HRDF registered companies (within 1 year after completion of studies).

Type of Courses

GENERATE Management Associates by IPT Finishing/ Business School

  • Pre-approved courses for graduate management focusing on the management skill as required generally by the job market. The training will be delivered by the appointed finishing school (university).

Job/ Industry technical training

  • Competency or certification-based training required by the graduates in order to perform the job.

*PSMB Registered Training Providers

For more information on GENERATE 2.0, please click here.