About MPMA Membership and its Benefits

MPMA, is in its 53rd year, and has over the years, undertaken activities and programmes to assist member companies meet the challenges of the business environment. Some of these initiatives are highlighted in the Annual Report 2018.

To facilitate your participation in these activities so that your company can derive the full benefits of your membership, we are appending below amongst others, the list of MPMA’s services for your reference. MPMA constantly reviews and strives to improve our services to keep pace with the needs of the industry.

  1. Representation of the plastics industry’s issues to the Government.
  2. Information on Government policies, incentives, legislations and procedures.
  3. Advise on matters pertaining to trade and industry, economic perspectives, environment and sustainable issues, etc.
  4. Trade and business contacts via inquiries received by MPMA as well as via MPMA’s networking with several local and international organisations.
  5. Free listing in the MPMA Directory – which is the only register for plastics manufacturers in Malaysia (Note: All members also get a copy of the Directory).
  6. eCirculars on Government policies, trade, training programmes, etc.
  7. Assistance to participate in overseas trade fairs and missions.
  8. Subsidised training programmes.
  9. Preferential rates when participating in MPMA’s conferences and seminars.
  10. MPMA’s strong network with its Branches – Northern, Perak, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.
  11. MPMA’s strong collaboration with other associations/chambers in addressing common industry issues.

Types of Membership

There are two classes of members:  Ordinary Members and Associate Members.

Ordinary Members:
Any person, firm or company carrying on business in Malaysia as a manufacturer of plastic products shall be eligible for election as an ORDINARY member.

Associate Members:
Any person, firm or company engaged in the supply of machinery or goods or services to or in the sale of products of any plastics manufacturer may become an ASSOCIATE member of the Association.