Live Webinar Employerโ€™s Obligations & Guidelines for Quarantine Facilities โ€“ Covid-19 8 February 2021

First Webinar held by MPMA on EMPLOYERโ€™S OBLIGATIONS & GUIDELINES FOR QUARANTINE FACILITIES – COVID-19 by Malaysia Ministry of Health and also Ministry of Human Resource highlighting the relevant Acts and Guidelines of quarantine stations and treatment centres for foreign workers. The content will also enable the employers & management to understand their legal obligations and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their workers and the community.

MPMA would like to thank
Dr Maria Suleiman – Disaster, Outbreaks, Crisis and Disaster Sector of MOH

Dr Anuar Abdul Samad @Mahmood – Senior Principal Assistant Director, Health Technology Assessment Section, Medical Development Division of MOH


Tuan Rhymie B Mohd Ramli – Senior Assistant Director, Enforcement Division, Department of Labour, Peninsular Malaysia

for the presentation and guidelines ( Click here tor the slides presented during this webinar)

The wealth of information shared today was extremely beneficial for the industry to play a vital part in combating this Covid-19.

MPMA will continue to engage in the relevant & current topic for our future webinars to assist the industry players. Watch this Space


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