MySejahtera App Helps Users Monitor Personal Health Status

Individuals can monitor their own health status during the MCO through MySejahtera.

MySejahtera application allows users to conduct personal health self-assessment and, while doing it, enabling the Ministry of Health (MOH) to obtain early information of their status for further, fast and effective action. It also allows users to check the health status of other individuals staying together.

The app also provides latest updates on Covid-19, nearest health facilities, health guides and various health-related information.

Personal information of users will only be used for the purpose of monitoring and preventing Covid-19 infections and will not be shared or provided to any other party.

Companies are STRONGLY advised to encourage staff to load the MySejahtera App on their hand phones. The App is currently in BM, and will be made available in other languages given the large number of foreign workers. The MySejahtera would be one of the factors Authorities would consider during inspection of companies/factories.

Please click here more info and FAQ on MySejahtera.

Ref: Cir 77/2020A